So, the other day I  wrote this pretty cool blog entry, if I may say so myself. I am stating this, because I don’t consider myself a very good writer, nor do I come up with profound shit very often. Not to say that what I wrote the other day was profound but something that I was proud of sharing. I also think stuff like my “#crossovertribe was creative and relevant to the post . I always get a kick when I come up with something like that. I remember in a coaching session I was having with a client, we came up with #cabicute, which in context of the discussion was equally relavent. To you reading this it might not resonate but to us it was freakin’ awesome!
So for me to write back to back profound blog entries is not likely. So, you can stop reading now, and go back to what you were doing, or read on and see what is coming. Not that I have a clue what is coming. I don’t plan out my journal entries. I wake up in the morning and do a few things, like walk the dogs if they are up, make a cup of coffee and sit down at my computer and write. My only purpose in writing is to write. That’s it. Not to entertain or to pass along wisdom or knowledge. Just to write. What comes, comes. If it makes sense, and I am meant to put forth a message, then so be it. I don’t put any pressure on myself. I am not selling anything to anyone with these messages. I am just bringing you into my life. The good, the bad and the ugly. Well maybe I save some of the ugly for more private moments.
So here it is. What are you going to think about today! To whom are you going to add value? Are you going to make someone smile? Are you going to tell some silly jokes to someone who might be down in the dumps? Are you going to contribute something to someone other than yourself?
Do we live with intention? Not always. Sometimes we just go about our day and react to it. I know I might have the best intentions, but that may not be how my day plays out. It can get away from me, and all that intention goes to the wayside.
Or is that Waste side..hmmm not so sure. You writers out there can correct me. Though you should keep it to yourselves since I don’t charge extra for mistakes. You just have a bit of insight into the educational system in Brooklyn in my time. I was not a great English student for sure. Though that is an entry for another time.
For now, I would like to talk about your effect on other people. Do you make them laugh or smile? Do you bring joy to the lives of perfect strangers? Or do you walk around oblivious to other people and the looks on their faces? Are you way too serious for yourself? Try being silly for just a moment and see how people react! See if you can make the checkout person at the supermarket laugh or smile. Remember that feeling. I know you are going to feel great!! Try it again! …and again.
Make it part of your day! Bringing joy and happiness into someone else’s life. A perfect stranger. Do that with intention!
Imagine what kind of world we would live in if everyone did that!

Till next time!